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Harbin city traffic police to implement "a school policy" parking prompt release 11 primary and secondary schools

Date: 2015-09-06

Heilongjiang morning paper dispatch (reporter kris Shi Dongxu) for primary and middle schools in urban area in the city's main part, due to insufficient parking PeiJian, school time of concentration and parked vehicles disorderly stop even more row, leading to school before and the surrounding traffic congestion problems, a detailed investigation, Harbin city traffic police department based on the specific situation of the school, to implement "a school policy" parking standards and management measures.
New term is about to begin, in order to reduce the school circumjacent area disorderly parking place influence on traffic congestion, 30, combined with the traffic department "a school policy" traffic management measures, the existing 22 schools, on the basis of added 11, now published 33 school parking tips.
In addition to the first station will be garden primary school, high school, 17 middle school, elementary school, the affiliated high school of tieling elementary school, Harbin industrial university, weft, the affiliated high school of normal university, 9, 13 middle school, high school, such as the rainbow primary school 10 schools into "a school policy", after again in the next semester to complete the first vocational high school, the fourth middle school last year, south Ma Xiaoxue, beautiful school, datong elementary school, the first ", the second middle school, secondary school extinguished, guanghua elementary school, middle school, warp/weft primary school, tieling elementary school campus, hongqiao a dozen "a school policy" parking order optimization.
Before the start of this year, the traffic police department of no. 1 middle school, DiYiYiLiu school, marina elementary school, the sixth middle school and elementary school experimental middle school, elementary school, haicheng struggle, hongqiao second, hongqiao, sweet AnXiaoXue, elegance and secondary the relevant time 11 schools such as parking measures and relevant indication marks for perfect, will it and incorporated into the management measure of "one school and a slip".
In order to make "a school policy" to achieve the purpose of the convenient bao chang, the traffic police department comprehensive schools give students number, mistake and from the actual situation and regional road traffic flow and traffic characteristics, in the campus surrounding a particular forbid sections set different limit stop time of the stop sign. Such as in the presence of SongZi car more tieling primary school, respectively in three surname street, dacheng street, river canal street street road set up multiple temporary parking areas, to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of temporary parking. For elegance in different last semester grade mistake, school time total span of an hour, temporary parking time limit for a further corresponding period, coordinates the school launch vehicle stop line shunt.