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"Four into four letter" out of the campus social practice to implement

Date: 2015-09-06

"On the schools' four into four letter project class, study the general speech spirit, but when I walk into the country, into the grassroots, to really understand the true meaning of the general secretary of the speech." Heilongjiang university school of management team "a program under which officials" practice student li tan said. A few days ago, the team came to luobei, use "Internet +" new ideas, help file to upgrade the local development.
"Social practice need to stick to The Times"
"Good water ecosystem can we Chang Gong village back mountain, agricultural products are green!"
"Kind of well is the foundation, sell well is the key. The village without processing, crops become commodities, also not enough professional marketing team, can not sell on price of agricultural products. How to ensure that farmers' income this? How to ensure sustainable development of green food?"
This dialogue took place in luobei Chang Gong coverage between cadres and li tan. Since late July, heilongjiang university of "a program under which officials" social practice team arrived in luobei county. Practice team found that Chang Gong village more than other villages close to the economic core zone, luobei production of organic agricultural and sideline products, conform to the present people pursue health life concept. The village many youth with entrepreneurial ideas can become main force of the "Internet + agriculture". Crops farmers but some conservative thought, "well, nature is not sold well. The food isn't kind of want to sell, is not engaged."
In order to change this conservative thinking, the players for the villagers had a lecture "Internet +". They shows how a migrant farmers through all the way to solve the problem of land shortage of funds, raise and how did the fruit growth period, is using the Internet to booking to the country. PangZhiWen touches many villagers, the case found students the opportunity to say, "now have 'taobao village' plan, we can launch village vermicelli, black fungus, bracken, three kinds of agricultural products, easy processing and easy to save, the three agricultural products not only economic value is high, more production and processing."
Black big social practice team to Chang Gong village is not only the development advice, as well as a new concept, as of press time, there has been a youth in the village with the help of the practice team, began to use the Internet to sell local special agricultural products.
Like "Internet +", "to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the victory of the war", "area" these affects China's words, as the summer social practice of college students in our province key words.
"Hope that through the social practice of changing the world"
On August 11, to help farmers of northeast forestry university graduate school students a thick stack of tens of thousands of words to soil test report in the heihe river fort village cadres in wuxian city sun wu s hands. To the report, to help the farmers in a lot of students from summer start bubble in the lab, the report both the field capacity, soil bulk density, soil porosity physical indicators, such as there are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other important chemical index, even soil pollution situation and the improvement measures.
With the report, was touched by the village cadres, he said, "for 10 years, thank you for your soil tests every year for us, let the villagers will be more reasonable use of land, green agricultural products." And to help farmers of club members and the village officials say more pleasantries, but went straight to the field, teach the villagers some new methods of field management.
The wu fort village is the first big sun wuxian country village, in 2006, the country put forward the "hundred schools help hundred village" program, northeast forestry university this year and for the wu village. Decade, donglin village of master and doctor help the wu fort and tailored to the overall development plan, to guide the villagers scientific planting, to want to rural migrant farmers vocational and technical guidance, and ran up and down, and for the livelihood of the people in the village construction of facilities for policy, to raise funds.
Villagers Liu Hongjun said, pointing to his home in front of the flat cement road, "originally is NiBa Road here, a rain can't walk, gutter is on the side, summer is the fly." Now, the wu fort white cement road through the village, village street lamp stands on both sides of road, walking in the fields, from time to time to see "ShiFanTian of science and technology", "breeding base".
Social practice of donglin changed the face of a village, and this is only our province college students during the use of social practice to give back to society in miniature. Similarly there are a lot of, such as sunrise love volunteer service, heilongjiang university for eight years accumulated 20 times to poor areas to carry out teaching activities, donate money 380000 yuan, make hundreds of poor students get funded.
"Social practice must be carefully planned"
"Today, we in mudanjiang, use of an afternoon time, for more than 100 people in the environmental protection to preach", "we came to the left-behind children in the home, after half a month, we will always accompany them, don't let them feel lonely"... For summer practice does not go through the motions, the northeast forestry university, the school to establish a social practice micro letter platform, let the students to "live", social practice and set the interaction zone.
Donglin students Hao Shimin said: "micro letter this new form of summer social practice platform, not only convenient, also improves everyone's engagement. By forwarding, comment and interaction, around us create a strong atmosphere of social practice, to enhance the sense of mission and sense of responsibility to participate in practice."
In addition, Harbin industrial university to social practice team members and theory training before the war. July 20 to 22, the school for three days for students to carry out the "college students' social practice" courses, teaching "an introduction to the social practice", "social practice", "college students' communication and etiquette", "social practice safety education", etc., and laid a theoretical foundation for social practice to implement.
"Holiday social practice for college students is a rare opportunity to grass-roots level, the contact the society, the school only do careful considerations in many aspects, elaborate practices and content, to make students recognize social practice activities, improve the effect of social practice." Donglin youth corps committee official said.