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Reform of government procurement in our province margin retreat mechanism

Date: 2015-09-06

Report from our correspondent (reporter Ma Yunxiao) solve bidding suppliers margin repel and difficult problem in our province, the provincial government procurement center adhere to the principle of problem oriented, positive reform deposit refund mechanism, further optimize annealing process, improve the efficiency of charge back. At present, the new occurred after completion of the procurement project bid bond business, have been implemented according to the time limits repel and in time, not the new backlog.
To provide convenience for supplier, the provincial government procurement center in positive through online advertising, make a phone call, send inquiry, concentrated human repel and at the same time, the way of, based on a new development of government procurement network platform will charge back margin work embedded in government procurement network platform, to solve the deposit charge back work free from the government procurement system platform. Within the scope of the law, further simplify the security deposit refund process, USES the electronic proof of charge to an account, cancel the "current receipt" measures such as suppliers, has realized the bid-winning notice in five working days, to outbid suppliers pay the deposit, according to the original remittance account repel; Margin of the winning supplier after the supplier sign a contract with purchasing people and for the record, repel within five working days. Provincial government procurement center no longer charge the winning supplier performance bond, solved the earnest management information asymmetry and complete performance and the link of the refund deposit problem.
Work for further standardize repel, according to relevant laws and regulations and the need of practical work, the provincial government procurement center also amended the "bid bond management method", has been clear about the bidding suppliers pay the responsibility, the financial personnel audit responsibility of the input, and repel, withholding and other regulations, set up a assessment and accountability mechanism, to solve the problem of margin long-term backlog, repel and provides the system guarantee.